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Form Factor  
Slim Type Panel PC Atom
Product Generation  
Second Generation
Panel PC and Modular Displays  
501W: Slim Type Panel PC 10” Widescreen (PS-5501W)
701W: Slim Type Panel PC 15” Widescreen (PS-5701W)
Box PC  
None (S-Panel or Enclosed Panel)
-A: ATOM-E3827 Fanless
Power Supply  
-D: 24 VDC
-4G: 4 GB
Operating System  
-WES7: Windows Embedded Standard 7 Premium SP1 64bit En MUI
-W764: Win7 Ultimate FES SP1 64bit En MUI
-WE8: Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry 64 bits MUI
-W732: WES Win7 32bit En MUI
-W1064A: Windows 10 ioT Enterprise 64bit MUI
Main Storage Device  
-SHDE: HDD 500GB with expansion kit
-CF32: CFast 32GB
-CF32E: CFast 32GB with expansion kit
-HHDE: HDD 1TB with expansion kit
-SSD8E: SSD 128GB with expansion kit
-SSD24E: SSD 240GB with expansion kit
-EXA: Expansion kit only
Optional Interfaces  
-NV: Interface - NVRAM
-485X2: Interface - 2 x RS422/485 Isolated
-485X4: Interface - 4 x RS422/485
-232X2: Interface - 2 x RS232 Isolated
-232X4: Interface - 4 x RS232
-IO: Interface - 16DI / 8DO
-CO: Interface - 2x CanOpen CanBus
-PF: Interface - Profibus DP Master with NVRAM
-ETH: Interface - 1xEth. Gigabit IEEE1588 for IPC
-USBX2: Interface - 2 x USB 3.0
-CL: Interface - Cellular 3G
-AUP: Interface - Audio (PCIe)
-ECAT: Interface - EtherCAT
Secondary Storage  
-CF32: CFast 32GB
-SSD8: SSD 128GB
-SSD24: SSD 240GB
-HMIS Remote HMI Server
-WGPHMIS: WinGP + Remote HMI Server
-OPN15: BLUE Open Studio Runtime 1.5K tags
-OPN40: BLUE Open Studio Runtime 4K tags
-OPN32: BLUE Open Studio Runtime 32K tags
-OPN64: BLUE Open Studio Runtime 64K tags
Extended Warranty
None (Standard)
One Year Extended Warranty
Two Year Extended Warranty