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Part Number: AGP3300-S1-D24-D81K

Description:5.7" STN, 2 Serial, 1 USB, Ethernet, Discrete 6 In 2 Out (Sink), 24V

Outlet Price:$695.00

Quantity Available:20
Part Number: AGP3301-L1-D24

Description:5.7" Mono, 2 Serial, 1 USB 24VDC

Outlet Price:$480.90

Quantity Available:1
Part Number: PFXFP5600TPD

Description:12"Industrial Flat Panel, XGA, analog multi-touch, 12~24VDC, DVI-D input, front USB + device port with cables

Outlet Price:$885.00

Quantity Available:4
Part Number: PFXFP5700TPD

Description:15" XGA(1024 x 768) TFT Color Displays, Serial/USB Touch, AC(100-240V) model,

Outlet Price:$1041.00

Quantity Available:7
Part Number: PFXGM4301TAD

Description:GP-4301TM: 5.7" 65k Color TFT, 22mm Mount, Serial, Ethernet, 2 USB, DC24V, UL, CE

Outlet Price:$417.00

Quantity Available:1
Part Number: PFXGP4201TADW

Description:GP-4201T: 3.5" TFT Color Touchscreen (Analog), QVGA, 2x Serial, 2x USB, 24VDC, UL/CE

Outlet Price:$285.00

Quantity Available:1
Part Number: PFXGP4501TAA

Description:GP-4501T: 10.4" TFT Color Touch (Analog), VGA, 2x Serial, Ethernet, 2x USB, SD, 100-240VAC, UL/CE

Outlet Price:$1905.00

Quantity Available:2
Part Number: PFXLM4301TADAK

Description:5.7-inch HMI + Control, TFT, Modular 22mm mount, AIO: 4 In 2 Out, DIO: 12 In 6 Out, Sink, DC24V

Outlet Price:$627.00

Quantity Available:2
Part Number: PFXSP5400WAD

Description:SP5000 Advanced Display7.0-inch Wide TFT, 262,000 colors,800 x 480 pixels, Analog Touch Panel,24V

Outlet Price:$570.00

Quantity Available:1
Part Number: PFXSP5700TPD

Description:SP5000 Premium Display, 15-inch TFT, 16M colors,1024 x 768, Analog Touch(Multi touch), Front USB, 24V

Outlet Price:$1830.00

Quantity Available:3
Part Number: PFXSP5B10

Description:SP5000 Series Power Box, 1 x SD/SDHC Slot, 2 x RS232/422/485, 2 x Ethernet, DC 12-24V

Outlet Price:$630.00

Quantity Available:6
Part Number: PFXSP5B40

Description:SP5000 Series Open Box, 1 x SD/SDHC Slot, 1 x CFast Slot 2 x RS232/422/485, 2 x Ethernet, DC 12-24V

Outlet Price:$630.00

Quantity Available:3