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GP Pro EX by Pro-face (2.25 min.)

GP-Pro EX is an industry leading HMI development software for both dedicated and open Windows-based operator interfaces. Save money and development time with this single, easy-to-use software that takes users through the development process step-by-step.

With a wide array of development tools, expanded diagnostic and simulation capabilities, GP-Pro EX is capable of handling the most demanding HMI applications.

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How To Start a New GP-PRO EX Project (4.5 min.)

- Starting the GP-PRO EX Software.
- Selecting the target Pro-face HMI.
- Choosing one or more Device/PLC drivers.
- Introduction to the GP-PRO EX Workspaces.
- Device/PLC communications setup.

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Getting Started with GP-Pro EX (32 min.)

Whether you're starting your first project or need a recap some of the basic elements this 30 minute video starts with taking an AGP out of the box and requires no prior knowledge of our products.
From there it moves step by step through the following:
- What you need to get started
- Installing GP-Pro EX
- Preparing your AGP3000
- Using the GP-Pro EX Editor
- Project and Communication Setup
- Downloading a project
- Testing PLC Communication
- Using Switches and Lamps
- Using Data Displays and Keypad Input
- Making an Alarm Display

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Drag and Drop between HMI and Ladder Logic (6.5 min.)

See how having both HMI and Ladder Logic editors in one software package makes it easy create projects by dragging and dropping components between the two. Drag a pushbutton to become a ladder input. Drag a ladder ouput to become a lamp on the HMI screen. One of the coolest features of the Pro-face HMI.

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How To Set Up and Use Multiple PLC drivers with Pro-face HMI (6 min.)

How to set up and use multiple PLC drivers on a single Pro-face HMI. The project in this video uses Rockwell, Siemens and Modbus drivers.

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Working with AB (Rockwell) PLC data in GP-Pro EX (35 min.)

Everything you need to know about using Pro-face HMI with Allen Bradley (Rockwell) PLCs.

Includes all compatible AB PLC types from PLC5, SLC500, MicroLogix, CompactLogix etc.

- What are the different AB PLC Tag Address types?
- Why are the RSLogix5000 ControlLogix Tags different?
- How to edit, import and use these tags in GPPRO-EX projects
- Using Symbol tables to allow easy migration to other PLC manufacturers

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WinGP API (4.75 min.)

Pro-face WinGP API example using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (Visual Basic) - Read/Write Integer.

Share data between WinGP and custom applications.

Here is a link to the ZIP file containing the following examples seen in the video:
- GP-Pro EX 4.0 .prx for WinGP
- VB 2013 Express Solution Files
- See "Publish" folder for VB finished project standalone installer

Here is a link for an extended version of the video showing reading and writing for Bits, Floats and Strings

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Create your own custom parts using the Package library in GP-Pro EX (6 min.)

This video explains how to combine multiple objects into a reusable "Package" part in GP-Pro EX. Parts from your Package library may be used in future projects or shared with colleagues without having to recreate them or copy between project files.

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Customizing Popup Keypads in GP-Pro EX (10.5 min.)

Improve operator ease of use by customizing the onscreen keypads.

Choose your own style of keypad and make them as large or small as you need.

- Registering a new keypad
- Customising a keypad from the built-in library
- Calling up a "User Defined" keypad
- Calculator style keypads with built-in diplay and Max/Min limits

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Using the Web Server On A Pro-face HMI (8 min.)

Many Pro-face HMIs with Ethernet have an option to act as a Web Server, using a ready-made "Site" that enables access to HMI data including Alarms. Just check a couple of boxes, download and you're HMI has it's own Web Site.

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Connecting Bar Code Readers to the AGP/LT3000 Series (19 min.)

How to use Bar Code readers and similar devices with Pro-face HMI to improve operator efficiency or for machine or process security.

- What kind of Bar Code Readers do our HMIs support?
- Connecting USB/Serial Keyboards, Card Readers and RFID devices
- Choosing alternative Data input strategies
- Tips for testing and simulating input

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Showing a Custom Startup Screen During Power-Up (3 min.)

Adding your own startup image while the HMI powers up is a great way to stamp your own corporate brand on the machine. Add Machine type, contact info or project version for easy reference.

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How To Extend Alarm Actions Using Cursor Position (10 min.)

When using the Alarm window to check, acknowledge and clear alarms, you can trigger additonal alarm processing for the selected alarm by capturing the Alarm Cursor position.

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GP4000 Out of the Box (5.5 min.)

Take a look at a typical Pro-face GP4000 HMI panel out of the box.

- Power connections
- Communication ports
- USB and SD memory slots
- Panel mounting hardware.

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Pro-Server EX

Pro-Server EX Data Management Software by Pro-face (3 min.)

Pro-Server EX is a powerful, yet cost effective data management server that provides real-time reporting of automated manufacturing and production environments at a fraction of the price of a full SCADA system.

If all that is needed is the ability to generate MS Excel reports, or to expand the data collection and data sharing capabilities of an existing manufacturing reporting system (like MES or SCADA), then Pro-face Pro-Server EX is the answer.

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Pro-Server EX Logging to SQL with Excel Reporting (6 min.)

This video demonstrates a technique whereby data logged to SQL using Pro-Server EX can be used to generate reports using Excel. Many customers use Pro-Server EX to log directly to Excel which is an easy way to make reports, however Excel itself has several limitations when used as a real time database in this way.

This alternative technique combines the strength of SQL as a solid database with Excel's ability to quickly and easily generate professional reports.

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Intro to Pro-Server EX Data Management Software (27 min.)

Pro-Server EX enables Enterprise Wide Data sharing and Reporting via standard software such as Excel, SQL Server, SCADA and Visual Basic.
This Introduction explains:
-What Pro-Server EX software is and what it can be used for.
-How Pro-server EX works and what a Pro-Server Network looks like.
-Which Pro-face HMIs (past and present) can be used as Pro-Server EX Nodes and how to configure them.
-How Symbol names are used in Pro-server EX to reference PLC or other Device data.
-How to monitor live data from PLCs or other Devices connected to a Pro-Server EX Node.
-How to configure Pro-Server EX Actions and Triggers to perform Data Management without Programming
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Pro-Server EX - Logging Data to Excel forms (30 min.)

Use your HMI as a gateway to log data from PLCs, Drives, Bar Code readers and more.

Introduction to automatic data logging to an Excel Spreadsheet.

Create a live Production Report in Excel from HMI/PLC data in 4 easy steps:
- Add a Pro-Server Action 'Create Form using Excel'
- Make an Excel Template sheet to define form layout
- Set the HMI/PLC data source and the area of the Excel sheet you wish to log to
- Transfer the network project to the HMI

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Remote HMI

Pro-face Remote HMI Quick Reference Guide (3.4 min.)

Monitor and control your Pro-face HMI screen on a smart phone or a tablet with Pro-face Remote HMI. Use this is a quick and easy reference guide to get you up and running in no time!

For more information click here.

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Pro-face Remote HMI - Exporting and Importing Server Lists (4.25 min.)

Would you like to share your Pro-face Remote HMI server lists with others and/or other devices?

This video is an overview of exporting and importing server lists with Pro-face Remote HMI, and a demonstration of exporting and importing server lists using an iPad and iTunes. Pro-face Remote HMI allows you to check machines and equipment for alarms, operating status, and other information using a tablet or smartphone from anywhere on the factory floor.

For more information click here.

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