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Step by Step Textbook Tutorials

  • GP-Pro EX
    • Basic Course:
      Chapters 1-5 take you through the GPPRO-EX basic features focusing on screen functions that replace traditional Automation Control Panel functions.
    • Advanced Course:
      Chapters 6-8 Introduce advanced HMI topics such as Alarm History, Data Sampling and Recipes.
    • Ladder Logic Feature Course:
      Chapter 9 Introduces Ladder Logic Programming by using two real world applications.
      1. Preventative Maintenance. Monitors remaining service time of tools.
      2. Air Conditioning. Logic prevents user from setting the temperature too high or too low.
    • Computer Interaction Course:
      Chapters 10-12 Explore features like:
      • RPA. (Remote PC Access). Operate a remote PC from an AGP touch screen.
      • GP-Viewer. View and operate an AGP screen from one or more remote computers.
      • WinGP. Using GPPRO-EX on our Industrial PCs using the WinGP runtime.
  • GP-Pro/PBIII C-Package 03
    • Basic Course:
      Chapters 1-6 take you through the GP-Pro/PBIII basic features to monitor and operate a screen.
    • Advanced Course:
      Chapters 7-10 Introduce advanced HMI topics such as Alarm Summary, Animation, Data Collection and Recipes.
  • Pro-Server EX
    • Basic Course:
      Chapters 1-4 Starts with “What is Pro-Server EX” through basic set up and on to monitoring remote AGP and PLCs, Data sharing between AGPS/LTs and logging data to Excel spreadsheets.
  • GP2000 Series / GP-Pro PBIII C-Package Maintence Textbook
    • Tips on caring for your older equipment.