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Modular Topic Based Quick Start Guides

-  GP-Pro EX (Download .zip file of all modules)
Basic Topics:
Using a modular approach, these guides are ideal for first time users of GPPRO-EX but also provide a handy "Quick Start" for existing users on individual topics such as understanding the structure of "AGP Memory".

 Module  Topic Description
0 Introduction These Quick Start Guides introduce GP-Pro EX software and provide a good first time user overview of topics for the Pro-face AGP/LT/AST and WinGP Series product.
1 First Look In this module we look at how to start a project in the GP-Pro-EX editor.
2 Software Update This module explains how to keep the GP-Pro EX software up to date.
3 Help This module explains where to find manuals and technical support.
4 Projects This module explains how to create, open, save, protect and copy & import screens, check a file for errors and warnings and restore a backup file.
5 Out of Box This module explains the state of an new AGP series panel as it is delivered from Pro-face. Most aspects of this module also apply to AST and LT series product
6 Offline This module explains the use of the Offline menus to access various settings on the AGP Panel. Most of these settings can also edited in the GP Pro EX development software.
7 AGP Memory This module explains how and where data is stored in various AGP registers and variables.
8 Transfer This module explains how to send and receive data to and from an AGP. Many of these methods are also available for LT, AST or WinGP targets.
9 Workspace This module is an introduction to the components of the GP-Pro EX editor workspaces.
10 Screen Types This module explains the different screen and registered objects found in GP-Pro EX.
11 Addressing Overview - Internal and External device addressing with GP-Pro EX.
12 Control Words This module gives an overview of how Controls Words are used in GP-Pro EX to allow access to HMI functions via a PLC.
13 System Settings This module introduces the Systems Settings Workspace in GP-Pro EX.
14 Fonts This module explains the different font types in GP-Pro EX and how they are used.
15 PLC Setup This module explains how to setup and manage PLC and other Device connections in GP-Pro EX.
16 System Area This module explains the use of the System Area in your HMI Project. The System Area holds important HMI and Device/PLC data that can assist in application control and visualization.
17 Simulation This chapter explains how to use the Simulation options in GP-Pro EX to test your project without using hardware.
18 Drawing Objects This module explains how to draw simple shapes and add text labels in GP-Pro EX.
19 Lamps This module explains how to create lamps in GP-Pro EX with different shapes and features.
20 Switches This module explains how to use switches in GP-Pro EX and add special features and functions to them.
21 Templates Templates can save development time when creating or updating an application.They can also improve consistency and uniformity in a project.
22 Data Displays This module explains how to use Data Displays in GP-Pro EX. Data Displays can be used to show data from PLC or Pro-Face Internal data addresses.
23 Data Input This module introduces Data Input Settings in GP-Pro EX inputting data in numeric and text displays using Keypads and Bar Code Readers.
24 Text Displays This module explains how to use Message Displays or Data Displays to show Alpha Numeric data or Text Files in GP-Pro EX.