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Modular Topic Based Quick Start Guides

-  GP-Pro EX (Download .zip file of all modules)
Advanced Topics:
These modules allow you to tackle more complex HMI functions such as Recipes and Alarms in small slices. While not replacing the manuals they again provide a handy “Quick Start” for existing users as well as those fresh to these subjects.

 Module  Topic Description
25 Graphs How to Display data using different graph parts including Bar/Circle/Tank, Line charts and Trend graphs.
26 Call/Load Screen This module explains the "Call Screen" and the Header/Footer functions.
27 Images Using Image Placement and Image Registration to show images from graphics files such as BMP, JPG etc.
28 Popup Windows How to create and display Pop up windows on Base Screens.
29 Basic Alarms Setting up a basic alarm system including Banner Alarms and Historical Alarms.
30 Security Enabling and manageing operator security features.
31 D-Script How to use D-Script and Global D-Script to enhance custom operation.
32 CF Card and USB An overview of CF-Card and USB functionality.
33 Search Functions This module explains time saving search functions.
34 Documentation Using the various options to document parts or the entire project.
35 Productivity Tools Overview of some of the key tools that can help to save time developing an application.
36 Troubleshooting How to use some of the Troubleshooting features and where to get help with GP-Pro EX.
37 Ladder Logic Guides you through the settings needed to get you started on using the ladder logic programming editor.
38 Sampling Data Introduction to using Sampling Data(Data Logging) to log data and retrieve it for display or print.
39 Recipes (CSV) How to create and manage groups of data as recipes using files in CSV (Comma Separated Variable) format files for parameter management.
40 Recipes (Filing Data) Creating and managing data as recipes for parameter management using Filing Data (binary files).
41 Multi-Language Text Setting up and using a Multi Language system using Text Tables.
42 Animation Introduction to Animation features in GP-Pro EX.
43 Advanced Alarms How to add functionality such as Sub-Displays to the basic alarm system in GP-Pro EX.