Design Data Migration Center

HMI Migration

  • Step 1:

    Find your replacement hardware:

  • Step 2:

    Verify your device/PLC is connectable to the new hardware:

  • Step 3:

    Convert your software application:

    • For GP-Pro EX Users:

      Change the display unit type to the migration model.

    • For GP-Pro PBIII Users:

      The Project Converter from GP-Pro PBIII to GP-Pro EX is a free tool included with GP-Pro EX. If you do not have GP-Pro EX you can download the limited edition version that includes this tool. Install the Project Converter from the GP-Pro EX Setup Menu.

    • For QuickDesigner™ Users:

      The PanelStation Import Utility converts project files from QuickDesigner™ to GP-Pro EX. This is a free tool, registration is required before downloading.

    • For Pro-Designer Users:
      Please contact Tech Support for Pro-Designer conversions.
  • Step 4:

    Update your documentation: