OMRON Thermostat Expansion SIO Script Connection

Until now.....
Connecting a thermostat to a PLC using a touch panel required a separate, a serial unit. Moreover communication programs were needed as well.
Now this is Possible!
OMRON Thermostat can be connected directly to with COM1 using an extended SIO protocol. In this case, the PLC connects with COM2. allowing an exchange of data between thermostat and PLC.

- Since a touch panel retrieves the data from the thermostat directly, the PLC serial unit becomes unnecessary.
- The data sharing between PLC and thermostat is possible.

GP2000 series and GLC2000 series support this functionality.
*Software in addition to GP-PRO/PB III for Windows Ver.6.23 is required.
*OMRON Thermostat E5CN. operation has been verified.
*Entering preset values from the touch panel may cause some deleys.

Download a sample program file and a detailed description.

Download this sample application!

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