Graph History Display

Until now
Although a graph history display can be performed from soft GP-PRO/PB III for Windows Ver6.1, since data is stored in SRAM area,but many data cannot be saved.

This is possible!
Data is stored in LS area and it saves on CF card by a trigger.Past data can store and carry out the graphical representation of the data to LS area from CF card.

It is possible to preserve the fixed collection data to CF card as a file.
The data collected on CF card can display a graphical representation later.
The graphical representation also of the present data can display.
Since the data collected by CF card is saved by a CSV file, it can also be checked with a personal computer.

* GP2000 series and GLC2000 series support this functionality.
* The software in addition to more than GP-PRO/PB III for Windows Ver. 6.1. is required.

Download a sample program file and a detailed description.

Download this sample application!

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