Indirectly Designating Address of Set Value Input

Until now
When there are multiple pieces of keypad input, the keypad input displays for the number of them need placing on the screen.

Now this is possible!
Set the values entered via three keypad input displays to Indirect and read/write data at the destination addresses (three words) (= the start address + the setup value).

When entering multiple addresses, it's not necessary to place multiple keypad input displays andit's possible to store data in multiple addresses.
If the desired address destination is entered with Indirect Set, the data stored in the address will bedisplayed.
If the data out of the upper/lower limit range is entered at the time of keypad input, the previously entered value will be displayed to prevent data out of the range from being entered.

*GP77R series, GP377series, GP2000 series, GLC series support this functionality.

Download a sample program file and detailed description.

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