Information on Xycom VME and XVME products

Contact: Debbie Yuchasz
Embedded Solutions Group - Sales Representative
Direct 248-295-0822
Acromag Inc.
30765 S. Wixom Rd.
Wixom, MI 48393
Tel 248-295-0310
Fax 248-624-9234
Dear Customers, Shareholders, and Suppliers:
I am pleased to announce that on May 15, 2012, Acromag Inc., a market leader in Industrial and Defense Electronics, has acquired the assets of Xembedded, LLC. This purchase adds the products of Xembedded, LLC (formerly XycomVME) to Acromag’s portfolio, benefitting both groups by combining product lines. Customers will have the advantage of a complete product solution, ranging from CPU products to I/O solutions.
Xembedded products are known for high quality and technology. Their focus on VME, VPX, and COM Express platforms compliments Acromag’s FPGA, PMC, XMC, and I/O technologies. This move also provides for extending production of the many Legacy products that Xembedded, LLC was known for.
The new “Xembedded Group” will now join the Acromag “Embedded Solutions Group” and “Process Instrument Group.” By forming this new group, Acromag is able to provide uninterrupted service to former Xembedded, LLC customers. Along with the products, Acromag has hired all of the employees of Xembedded, LLC in order to provide the expertise to design, manufacture, and support the many products in the “Xembedded Group” portfolio.
The new “Xembedded Group” will work to continue the relationship of the many sales representatives and distributors that have sold these products for years.
Using the engineering resources of Acromag, I believe we can begin a new era for the new “Xembedded Group” with a combination of talent and people that are amongst the best in the industry.
We appreciate all of our customers and look forward to serving them for years to come.
David A. Wolfe
President and COO
Acromag Inc.
30765 S Wixom Rd.
PO Box 437
Wixom, MI 48393-7037
Tel 248-624-1541
Fax 248-624-9234

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