FAQs SP5000 Series FAQ's

Q - What kind of equipment can be connected to the DVI port of the SP5000 series?

Q - Which applications can be installed on the SP5000 Series Open Box (PFXSP5B40)?

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Q - Can the Open Box (PFXSP5B40) be used when it's temperature seems to be high?

Q - Can the Open Box (PFXSP5B40) be run continuously (24/7)?

Q - When the Open Box (PFXSP5B40) is started, the screen displays in Engish. How do you change the language setting?

Q - When the Launcher on the SP5000 is activated, I would like to operate it with a password.

Q - Is it possible to deactivate the Launcher on Open Box (PFXSP5B40)?

Q - How do I remove the displayed keypad when the left side is touched?

Q - When the system card is backed up by using the "file backup/recovery tool" for the SP5000 series, can all settings be transferred/duplicated?

Q - Can EWF be turned ON/OFF from customer's programs on Open Box (PFXSP5B40)?