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Q&A Pro-face Remote HMI

Operation Settings (For Server)

What condition shuts down connection between 'Server' and 'Client'?
For connection between 'Server' and 'Client', 'Client' selects a 'Server' and connects/disconnects to/from it basically.

But if the following conditions are satisfied, 'Server' will shut down connection with 'Client'.

1. Timeout
When no operations are performed by 'Client' over a period of time set for timeout in [Pro-face Remote HMI]←[Remote Viewer]←[Display Unit]←[System Settings] of GP-Pro EX Editor

2. At transfer
When a screen is transferred to 'Server' during connection, the 'Server' shuts down connection.

3. Detecting communication shutdown
If there's no shutdown command and no response from 'Client' to 'Server', 'Server' will shut down communication with 'Client' in 30 seconds.

4. Connecting to the second 'Client'
When another 'Client' tries to connect to the 'Server' that has already connected to a 'Client', the 'Server' shuts down connection with the second 'Client'.

5. System Variable, #H_RemoteHMI_DisableConnections
When the bit of the system variable, #H_RemoteHMI_DisableConnections is ON, 'Server' shuts down connection with 'Client'.
→"What is the system variable, #H_RemoteHMI_DisableConnections?"
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