FAQs PS6000 Series FAQ's

Q - Can battery be changed by users?

The battery is not user replaceable. (for both advanced model and standard model)
Please contact support@profaceamerica.com

Q - Could main memory can change by users?

Yes, it is replacable.

• Remove all power before making any contact with an installed memory
• Use only memory modules sold by Pro-face as accessories for this product.
• Confirm the memory module is correctly oriented before insertion.
• Do not bend, drop, or strike the memory module.
• Do not touch inside the memory module or its connectors.
• Do not disassemble or modify the memory module.
• Keep the memory module dry.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in injury or equipment damage.

Q - What is Touch mode function?

The following three modes are available to support your usage environment.
Select the mode according to your usage environment.
NOTE: This function is available only on 15-inch Wide and 19-inch Wide

Standard Mode Factory default. Suitable for touch operations using your finger.
Water Detection Mode Mode where touch input becomes disabled when there are liquids, such as drops of water, on the screen. Suitable to prevent touch panel mis-operation due to liquids on the screen.
After wiping the liquid or other foreign substance from the screen, touch input becomes enabled in about 2 seconds.
Glove Mode Mode suitable for use with gloves, such as rubber gloves.
• Depending on the type of glove, operation may not be possible.
• Because touch sensitivity is increased in this mode, it is more susceptible to environmental noise.

Q - How many display can connect to PS6000?

Display can connect to 2 display. (not counting the display module)

Below 2 interface are available
- DisplayPort
- USB 3.0 (Type C)

Q - Does recovery USB will be contain in default?

It is non-volatitle memory and can be used as a RAM disk drive. Use when environmental resistance is necessary.

Q - Is WinGP installed on the PS5000 series?

The PS5000 series can be ordered with WinGP pre-installed or it can be installed after purchase.

If you wish to install WinGP, the latest WinGP installer is included with GP-Pro EX. This limited edition can be used to install WinGP. You will need to purchase a license to unlock the full functionality of the software (p/n EX-WINGP-PROFACE-IPC).

Q - How do I monitor a PLC on a PC running WinGP?

Recovery USB does not included.

To restore the system, either purchase the optional recovery USB (PFXYP6RUSW10), or download the recovery tool from our website.

Recovery tool : http://www.pro-face.com/trans/ja/manual/1085.html