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 Is QuickDesigner supported in Windows XP, Vista, or later versions of Windows?
No. As stated in the README file from the QuickDesigner Installation CD and from the Quick Help, the basic requirements are:
1. Windows 95/98 or WinME or Windows NT 4.0 or Win 2000 Operating Systems
2. Pentium 133 MHz processor, 32Meg of RAM, 16X CD-ROM drive, 80 Meg of free space on the hard drive, Mouse and Keyboard.
3. 800 x 600 Video Display, 16-bit Color.
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Although some customers using QD with Windows XP (or later) report all functions and features seem to work for them as expected, many report that it is somewhat usable but there are nuisance issues including but not limited to:
-offline menus in Japanese
-inability to perform Ethernet downloads
-intermittent functionality of the GOTO screen function
-slower or no PLC communications
Beware: Many customers who do "try" QuickDesigner with Windows XP (or later) corrupt the hardware to the point where the only way to recover is to send it in to the repair center to have the firmware reflashed.
If you do corrupt your PanelStation by using XP, please try one or more of the following recovery solutions before returning your unit for reflashing:
1. How to recover a GP or a PanelStation (QuickPanel) from an aborted download.
2. How to recover a corrupted GP or a PanelStation (QuickPanel) using the PC Transfer Tool.
3. How to recover a corrupted GP or PanelStation (QuickPanel) using a CF card.
Please Note: Many Quick Designer projects can be migrated to current Pro-face software and hardware. Contact your Pro-face partner or Pro-face technical support for information.
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