LT (GLC150) Series
 Frequently asked Questions
What is the scan time of the logic program?
Is it possible to rewrite data while the logic program runs?
How do I set up my system so that [Enable I/O] is active on power up?
How long is the backup period when the power of the main unit is OFF?
How can I connect to the DIO port on the LT Type A1, A2, or B+?
The sensor or the lamp connected to the LT does not respond. What should I do?
What cable is used to wire the Flex Network modules?
I/O does not function at all. What should I do?
What is the maximum extended distance of a FlexNetwork system?
How many nodes can be connected in a FlexNetwork?
How do I set up a DeviceNet network using the LT Type D?
Common Error Codes

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