What's the [PASV] selection, available during an Ethernet Transfer?

What's the [PASV] selection that appears when [Transfer Tool]→[Transfer Settings]→[LAN] is selected?

When ethernet access is limited by a firewall or router setup between the PC and the AGP, data may not be transferred. In this case, checking [PASV] may enable you to transfer data.

What is PASV?

It's a type of file transfer protocol called passive FTP, or PASV FTP.
- Passive FTP (sometimes referred to as PASV FTP because it involves the FTP PASV command) is a more secure form of data transfer in which the flow of data is set up and initiated by the File Transfer Program (FTP) client rather than by the FTP server program. The main reason to use it with GP Pro EX downloads is because it may allow the transfer, even when a firewall or router blocks a standard ethernet transfer.
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