Application Note 1141 Rev. B

 Which CF Cards can be used with Pro-face GP2000 and AGP3000 Series HMI's?

This application note explains general guidelines for determining CompactFlash (CF) Card compatibility with the Pro-face GP2000, GLC2000 and AGP3000 Series products.
Pro-face CF Card Interface
The CF Card interface on the GP2000, GLC2000 and AGP3000 series supports CompactFlash cards that operate at 3.3V only; CF Cards that only operate at 5V cannot be used. The CF Cards mentioned in this document have an auto sensing 3.3V / 5V switch that allows their use in Pro-face hardware.
Recommended CF Cards:
Pro-face America recommends using Pro-face brand CF Cards.
The following cards are available:

Part Number Description
CA3-CFCALL/256MB-01 Pro-face brand 256Mb, 3.3V CF Card
CA3-CFCALL/512MB-01 Pro-face brand 512Mb, 3.3V CF Card
CA6-CFCALL/1GB-01 Pro-face brand 1Gb, 3.3V CF Card
CA8-CFCALL/2GB-01 Pro-face brand 2Gb, 3.3V CF Card
Compatible CF Cards:
If a Pro-face brand CF Card is not available, certain SanDisk, Inc. CF Cards have been tested and confirmed to work with the GP2000, GLC2000 and AGP3000 hardware. Note that Pro-face America cannot guarantee functionality when 3rd party hardware is used.
When selecting a SanDisk brand card make sure to select the "Standard" style cards and not the newer "Professional" cards.

Compatible "Standard" Not Compatible "Professional"
Copyright Information:
SanDisk, the SanDisk logo, CompactFlash and SanDisk Ultra are trademarks of SanDisk Corporation
Symptoms when using Non-compatible cards:

-It is not recognized, although the card is inserted (and the cover is closed).
-The CF card cannot be formatted.
-The error "CF card is absent" is displayed.
Last Updated: July 24, 2008
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