Project Converter Operation Procedure
How to operate Project Converter
1. Click the [Start] button, select [Programs] ([All Programs] on Windows® XP) ->
[Pro-face] -> [GP-Pro EX *.**] -> [Project Converter]. (The version of the software you use will be shown in *.**.)
2. Project Converter starts up and the [Project Converter] dialog box opens. Select [Project File
(*.PRW)] in the [Data Type].
  • To convert the files in the [Pro-Control Editor], select the [Logic File (*.wll)]. To
    convert partial program files (*.wlp) or sub-routine program files (*.wlf), you
    need to save the files in Project File format with GP-PRO/PBIII first.
  • To convert a project (*.lte) from the LT editor, in GP-PRO/PBIII save it as a *.prw file to enable conversion.
3. Designate a GP-PRO/PBIII for Windows’ project file (∗.prw) in [Convert-From]. Click the
[Browse] button, select a project file (e.g.:“A Manufacturing System.prw”), and click
[Open]. The file is set to [Convert-From].
4. In [Convert-To], designate a GP-Pro EX’s project file (*.prx). Click the [Browse] button,
input a new [File name] (e.g.: “A Manufacturing System.prx”), and click . A new
project file name is set to [Convert-To].
  • Depending on the model you are converting from, the [Convert-From Type] dialog box may display where you can select the type and the model.
  • When a convert-to file exists, the window that confirms whether or not to
    overwrite the file is displayed.


5. Click [convert] and start the conversion.
  • When the following dialog box is displayed, you need to set the CF-card output folder.

6. After conversion, the [Save Convert information] dialog box is displayed. If you click [Save], you can save the conversion information in a text file. In this case, input a [File name] and click [Save]. If you click [Cancel], you return to the [Project Converter] dialog box without saving the conversion information.
7. Click [Close] to close the [Project Converter] dialog box.
Converting GP-PRO/PBIII for Windows' "CF-Card Data Destination Folder"
  When converting a project file (*.prw) with the CF-Card Data Destination Folder designated
in Step 5, the question of whether or not to designate the CF-Card Data Destination Folder
for the conversion destination is displayed as well.
  Select a folder (e.g.: “Database”) and click [OK].
If you click the [New Folder] button, you can create a reference folder at any place.
  • In the[ Question] dialog box, be sure to select “Yes” and designate a convertto
    folder. If you select “No” called images are not properly displayed.
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