Checking the Device/PLC on the GP unit

Entering OFFLINE mode

After Plugging in the Power Cord
Touch the upper right-hand corner or the upper left-hand corner (within 40 pixels of every direction) of the panel within 3 seconds of plugging in the GP's power code.

When Operating
Touch either the upper right -> the lower left corners, or the lower left -> the upper right corners (within 40 pixels of every direction) of the panel in this order within 0.5 second.

System menu is displayed, then touch [Offline].

Checking the Device/PLC

From OFFLINE mode's [Peripheral Settings] tab, touch [Device/PLC Settings]. Please check if the Device/PLC in use is the same as the one shown here.

You cannot change the Device/PLC on the GP unit. To change the Device/PLC, set it up on the GP-Pro EX (Software) again, and then transfer the project data to the GP unit.

-> Changing Device/PLC Settings on the GP-Pro EX (Software)

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