File Register Settings (When using Mitsubishi Electric Corporation's PLC)

For setting the File Register with GP3000 series, there are 2 kinds of settings, [0R~31R] and [ZR] in the device setting column.
When a project file is created with GP-PRO/PBIII and it is converted with GP-Pro EX, the file is converted to [0R - 31R] of the traditional File Register in order to keep conpatibility. When setting the File Register newly with GP3000 series, it's recommended to select [ZR] according to PLC. There's no difference of implications between [ZR] and [0R - 31R].
For Convert Addresses in block, when converting the File Register's [0R~31R] to [ZR], it's necessary to repeat conversion for each block 32 times in total (like 0R, 1R...). It's the same for the opposite case.

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