GP-Pro EX Licensing

Can GP-Pro EX and GP-Pro PB/III C-Package both run on the same computer?

Yes, they do not conflict, but you can not drag and drop or copy objects between them. However, you can use standard Windows functionality to copy and paste text from one application to the other.

Can I re-use my license from GP-PRO C-Package03 for GP-Pro EX?

No, GP-Pro EX is a different software product; you must purchase a new copy.

Do I have to purchase DVD's for everyone that uses a copy of GP-Pro EX?

When GP-Pro EX is installed on a PC, it must have its own unique license. If you wish to purchase additional licenses without the DVD, please use the following part number.
Item Part Number
GP-Pro EX Editor License EX-ED-V**
(** represents the current version of
GP-Pro EX. (example: EX-ED-V40))


About the license of the Transfer Tool:

The license of the transfer tool is free. It may be installed on multiple PC's without requiring additional licenses.

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