Flashing Red LED

Error Description

The front of the display has a flashing red LED

A major error has occurred.

Is the AGP also displaying an error? If so, continue to the next step (A). If not, go to Section B.
A) The AGP is displaying a [Watchdog Error]
The Logic Program may be in an infinite loop.

Examples where this can occur:
-The S1 variable in a FOR/NEXT instruction has been set up incorrectly.
-The JMP instruction is directed to a label above the command.

Diagram 1

2. The project may use many instructions that wait for logic programs. In this case, the watchdog timer may be timing out too soon. To increase the Watchdog Timer settings, go to [System Settings Window], select [Main Unit Settings/Display Unit]. Open the [Logic Settings] tab and set the time for [WDT (Watchdog Timer) Settings] longer.

B) There are no errors displayed on the AGP
One of the system variables, #L_CalcErrCode, stores an error code that describes the problem. This variable can be displayed and corrective action can be taken.

Displaying the Error Code Variable, #L_CalcErrCode.
Connect the AGP to your PC with a project download cable or ethernet connection. In the PC, open the GP Pro EX project file that is causing the fault.

2. Click the [Monitor] icon.

Open the [Address Settings] window and check [Symbol Variable].
For Type, Select "System Variable (Integer)".

In the system variable list, right-click "#L_CalcErrCode" and select [Add to Watch List].

4. Open the Watch List and confirm the Current Value of "#L_CalcErrCode".

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