Precautions for using USB storage

* While accessing the USB device, do not reset the display unit or remove the USB storage device. Data on the USB storage device may be corrupted. To remove the USB storage device safely, design the system to remove the device only after turning ON a system variable "#H_Control_USBDetachTrigger" and confirming "#H_Status_USBUsing" is OFF.

1. When you connect a USB storage device to the display, "#H_Status_USBUsing" turns ON.
2. Before removing a USB storage device, turn ON "#H_Control_USBDetachTrigger".
3. To safely remove the USB storage device, "#H_Status_USBUsing" MUST be OFF. This word will turn OFF automatically when data writing is complete.

* If multiple USB storage devices are connected to the AGP main unit, only one can be recognized. The USB storage device that was connected first is the one recognized. This becomes the only active USB port on the HMI until all devices are removed.

* Please make sure to backup the data on the USB storage device.

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