How constant is the scan time of the logic program?

The minimum scan time for the logic program is 10ms to keep the minimum time that is required for screen display, touch panel processing and communication.
The logic time includes the logic features that run the logic programs and the display features (screen display, touch panel processing, communication).

* The GP scan time has 2 modes; fixed scan time mode and CPU scan percentage mode. The logic or the screen display can be priority over being processed according to the selected mode.
: This mode keeps the scan time as specified.
It allows you to process a logic program in a certain cycle. It is suitable for programs that prioritize control (logic programs) and for which the screen is mainly used for monitoring (data display) with few operations required.
: This mode specifies the logic time occupancy (%) during scan time and changes the scan time for operation.
The mode prevents pressure on the display processing time caused by increased logic time, and it is suitable for systems that prioritize speed in screen operations and screen switching.

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