What features are not supported in simulation?

System menu
* [Offline], [CF Start], [IP Address], [RGB Settings], [Address Monitor], [Logic Monitor], [Device Monitor], [ Ladder Monitor]
* Cannot display the offline screen.
Print Feature
* Printing alarm banner, alarm history, and sampling data, printing associated with SCV display parts, printing commands in scripts, and printing screen images does not work.
Bar Code Reader
* Cannot read in data from a bar code reader.
AUX Output
* Cannot run AUX Output.
Playing Movies
* The Movie Player does not display.
* When using a [File Manager] part set to [Select Movie], the File Manager will not display.
* The Save to CF or FTP and the Event Recorder functions do not work
SRAM Backup
* All data stored in SRAM, such as alarm history, sampling data, recipes, internal device backup, and the Japanese FEP converter, are deleted when exiting Simulation.
Brightness/Contrast Settings
* The Brightness and Contrast adjustment bar does not display.
Standby Mode
* The Standby Mode function does not work.
Retentive Variables
* In the [Edit Symbol Variables] dialog box, even thought the Symbol is set to Retentive, the data are erased when exiting Simulation.
Detect Backlight
* Detecting if the backlight is burned out does not work.
Remote PC Access
* The Remote PC Access Window Display does not display.
Change Backlight
* Changing the backlight color does not work.
* Address Monitor, Logic Monitor, Device Monitor, and ladder Monitor features do not work.
Cross-hairs Cursor
* The cross-hairs cursor feature does not work.
* Device access APIs and handling APIs do not work, and error messages do not save.
* Logic does not run.
I/O Driver
* I/O Driver does not work.
Logic System Variables
* Logic system variables do not work.
Online Monitor
* Online monitor does not work.
* [Transfer] tool's LAN/USB Transfer
* [Memory Loader] tool's CF Card/USB Transfer
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