The effects of security settings in GP-Pro EX when using GP-Viewer EX

Security settings in GP-Pro EX greatly affects the performance of the screen mode (Synchronous Mode / Asynchronous Mode) of GP-Viewer EX. Performance when starting GP-Viewer EX and when changing screens are as follows:

When Starting GP-Viewer EX
When Changing Screens in GP-Viewer EX
1. Synchronous Mode (When the GP-Viewer EX and GP security levels are the same.)

Changing screens from the AGP
Changing screens from GP-Viewer EX

2. Synchronous Mode (When the GP-Viewer EX security level is "1"and the GP security level is "10".)

* When GP-Viewer EX does not have access rights to security level 10, go to the screen authentication dialog box, then click [Cancel] to return to the previous screen and enter [Asynchronous Mode].
* When GP-Viewer EX has access rights to security level 10, enter the password to display the same screen as the AGP.

3. Synchronous Mode (When the GP-Viewer EX security level is "10" and the AGP security level is "1".)

If an AGP screen has been changed to a screen with a higher security level from GP-Viewer EX, change back the AGP screen to a screen on which you can operate with a valid security level before terminating the GP-Viewer EX connection with the AGP.

When an AGP screen keeps a higher security level that GP-Viewer EX assigns temporarily, the screen cannot be operated with the security level that the AGP originally has.

If you terminate the GP-Viewer EX connection without the above operation, reconnect GP-Viewer EX and change the AGP screen.

4. Asynchronouse Mode (When GP-Viewer EX security level is "1".)

GP-Viewer EX does not synchronize its screen with the AGP. Even if a screen changes on the AGP, GP-Viewer EX continues displaying the same screen.

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