I want to set security on the monitor or the online editor of the logic programs

You can enhance security when monitoring logic programs by allowing access only to users with passwords.
Setup Procedure
1. On the [System Settings] window, select [Logic Programs].
If the [System Settings] tab is not in Work Space, click the [View (V)] menu, and select [Work Space (W)] > [System Settings (S)].
2. Click [Security Password].
If you select [Monitor Security Level] without setting up any security passwords, the below dialog box will appear. Click [OK] and set up the password(s).
3. On [Set Password], out a check mark in the [Enable Security Function] box. Enter the password in the relevant level.
You can configure advanced security function settings. Please refer to the settings guide for details.
GP-Pro EX Reference Manual - [Password Settings]
4. On [Security], put a check mark in the [Enable Security Settings]. Select the levels of [Monitor Security Level] and [Online Editing Security Level].

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