How do I copy alarm tables from one project into another project?

It is possible to import alarm table data exported as a .csv file from another project file.

1. First, export your alarm table from your old project and save it as a .csv file.
2. Open your new project. Select the [Common] tab, and click [Import].

3. Select the .csv file where the alarm information is saved and open it.

4. The alarm table will be imported.

* When importing and exporting .csv files, it is important that the file be formatted in a way that GP-Pro EX recognizes. By exporting the alarm table, you create a file that is in this recognized format. Please leave the header information and format structure alone when editing your .csv file. Errors will occur and you may not be able to import the table if this formatting is changed.
* You can also import a .csv file exported from a GP-PRO/PB3 project.

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