How do I edit alarm data in an Excel file?

Alarm data can be imported and exported using a .CSV file.
It can be created and edited in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel.

1. Select the [Common] tab, and click [Export].

2. Specify the file name and save the data.

3. Open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel. Data will be shown in the format below. Edit the details of the data as needed.

* Creating an alarm table in Microsoft Excel takes advantage of Excel's editing capabilities. However, if the .csv file is not in a format recognized by GP Pro EX, you will get errors when trying to import the data. If you first export an alarm list, then use that format to input and edit your alarm data, GP Pro EX will recognize the file when it is complete and ready for import.

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GP-Pro EX Reference Manual - [Import/Export Alarm Settings]

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