How to import GP-PRO/PBIII for Windows library files (*.cpw) to GP-Pro EX

After converting GP-PRO/PBIII library files (*.cpw) with the Project Converter of GP-Pro EX, they change into the "*.prx" files. You can use them after importing them to GP-Pro EX.
Conversion procedure of GP-PRO/PBIII for Windows library files (*.cpw)
For conversion and import of GP-PRO/PBIII library files (*.cpw), GP-Pro EX Ver. 2.7 or later is required.
GP-Pro EX Upgrade Service
To import the library files (*.prx) converted with the Project Converter into GP-Pro EX, please follow the steps below.
■ How to import
1. Click [Work Space] on the [View] menu and check in the box of [Package] to open the [Package] window.
2. Select [Import from project].
3. The [Import from project] dialog box will appear. Select the project file (*.prx) to import in the package.
4. For [Package Name], enter the package name to register.
5. Click the [Import] button, and the project file will be imported in the package.
  Select the package name registered in the step 4 on the pull-down menu in the [Package] window, and the package will appear.
- You can register up to 200 objects in a single Package.
- Reference: [Registering Parts/Drawings from a Project in a New Package.] in GP-Pro EX Reference Manual.
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