I want to place a part quickly by selecting from many of parts in the GP-Pro EX's parts library.

Shapes of registered parts in the Parts Toolbox can be categorized into [Type] or [Color] and it shows them in the list.
The Parts Toolbox allows you to place your desired part's shape on the screen by drag and drop.

Setup Procedures
1. Select the View menu -> Work Space -> Parts Toolbox.

2. The Parts Toolbox opens on the right of the editing area.

3. Narrow down to your desired part and drag and drop it to the screen.
  For example, if you want to place a green rectangular switch, select items as follows:
1. [Parts] -> Switch
2. [Type] -> Rectangle
3. [Color] -> Green
4. [Pattern] -> Pattern1
5. Select the shape on the top left and drag and drop it to the screen


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