I want to copy text screens from another project without overwriting data in the copy-to project.

You can copy text screens from another project file without overwriting text screen data in the copy-to project file.

- For the details of setup, see the following manual.
  GP-Pro EX Reference Manual
Utility - Copy From Another Project

Setup Procedures
How to copy registered text screens when 2 project files have the same text screen numbers

1. Open the copy-to project file.

2. Open the Project menu and select [Utility (T)] -> [Copy from Another Project (C)].

3. The following dialog box opens. Specify [Look in] and [File name] and click [Open].

4. The Copy From Another Project dialog box opens.
Select "Screen" from the menu on the left and check "Text Screens."
Specify the screens (e.g. 1-3) to copy in the Screen Number field and the new screen number
(e.g. 4) to start with in the Copy-To Start Screen Number field.

5. Click [Copy].
- If the same number of screen exists in the copy-to project, the following confirmation box appears.

6. When copy is complete, the following message is displayed. Click [OK].

7. Check if the text screens have been copied with different text screen numbers.
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