What is "Character Registration" of the Image Font?
The Character Registration is a function to register characters to be displayed on the [Text Display] or [Input Display] of Data Display in the Image Font.
Example: Data Display [Text Display]

The following alphanumeric characters and some symbols have been registered as default. To display other characters, registration is required.

Pre-registered Characters
(ASCII Code/0x20 - 0x7e)
■ Setup Procedure
1. Set the Font Type in the Font setting area to "Image Font," and the [Character Registration] button appears. Click it.
[Text Display]
[Input Display]
GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.0 or later: GP-Pro EX Ver. 2.7 or earlier:
Selecting [Project Window] -> [Font] also allows you to go to the procedure 2. Selecting [System Settings] -> [Font] also allows you to go to the procedure 2.
2. On the Font settings screen, click the Character Registration button in the Image Font setting area.
3. The Character Registration window opens. Enter the characters to be shown in the Image Font. Click the Register button to close the window.
In case any characters other than alphanumeric characters and symbols have already been registered...
You may have set the Image Font in the Alarm feature. If you do so, characters registered for the Alarm messages are automatically reflected in the Character Registration.
4. Set the Font Type of the part to "Image Font."
Example: Data Display [Text Display]
5. Check if the registered characters are displayed correctly.
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