2.4.3 Using Direct Access and Memory Link at the Same Time

Setup Process

For information on setting up communication with multiple devices/PLCs, see the following.
7.2 Connecting to Multiple Devices/PLCs

Usable Addresses

The display unit can reference the device/PLC data. For usable addresses and device codes, refer to the "GP-Pro EX Device Connection Manual".

Select the device/PLC name (for example, "PLC1") that will communicate with the display unit, and input that address (for example, "D00000").
For example, an Input Address screen on a Word Switch.

When setting up addresses in parts and scripts with display unit internal devices, you can select from the following two types of device codes. As the supported communication methods differ depending on the address area, please be careful in their use.

For example, an Input Address screen on a Word Switch.


The User Area allocated in the Device/PLC connected with the Direct Access Method. You cannot use the Memory Link Method to communicate.

You may use all areas as you like, up to 30,000 Words. Can be used with both the Direct Access Method and Memory Link Method.
The text data storage order is fixed to L/H, no matter what the [Text Data Mode] property is set to in the [System Settings] window's [Device/PLC] page.

The User Area for exclusive communication by Memory Link Method. You cannot use the Direct Access Method to communicate.