34.4.1 Procedure - Comparing Project Changes Prior to Transfer

Compares the project currently open in GP-Pro EX to that stored on the display unit connected through LAN.

  1. On the GP-Pro EX status bar, click the Transfer Project icon and launch the Transfer Tool.

  2. Click [Transfer Setting] to display the [Transfer Tool] dialog box. Ensure that [Communication Port Settings] is set to [LAN]. Select the [LAN Auto Setting] check box and click [OK].

  3. Select each IP address of the display unit to compare project data and click [OK].

  4. The following [Comparison] dialog box appears and displays the results of the comparison between the PC and display unit.


    • Select the [Show Only Differences] check box. The comparison results show screens that are different.

    • If the logic programs, or settings that affect logic programs, are different in the compared projects, the [Control Settings] will vary. [Control Settings] indicates settings related to logic programs.

    • When comparing projects with different device/PLC configurations, the [Common] tab shows the [Communication Settings] item. Moreover, when comparing projects with indirect devices, the [Device-Specific Settings] item will show.

    • The comparison result for the two projects may appear to be the same on the screen, but they may actually be [Different].
      This is because updated information in the project is managed per screen and per configuration.
      Display unit side: ABC.prx
      GP-Pro EX side: ABC.prx (project with a base screen that was accidentally deleted, and then the deleted screen was copied/pasted again)

    • A message is displayed when there is no difference between projects or there is a difference in the file date/time stamps.
      If you open an existing project and save it using [Save As], because the date/time stamp has changed it is considered a different project. If you do not want it to be treated as a different project, in the [Save As] dialog box select the [Do not transfer all if no change in project] check box.

  5. After confirming the results, click [Close].