M.4.1 Assigning an IP address to the Display

Adjust the settings for the Ethernet connection. This set up is required when communicating with a device/PLC over Ethernet and when using a network computer to transfer project files, run GP-Viewer, or run Pro-Server EX.

  1. Go to Offline mode and touch [Main Unit] on the item changeover switch.

  2. From the [Main Unit Settings] screen, touch [Ethernet Local Settings].

  3. The [Ethernet Local Settings] screen opens. Touch the IP address input field to display the numeric touch keys and then enter an IP address. (For example,

    • For details about the IP address setting, ask your network administrator.

    • If the display unit has multiple LAN ports as shown below, the screen for selecting the LAN port is displayed. Set the IP addresses for each LAN port with different network segments. If you set an IP address with the same network segment in the display unit, the communication may not work properly.

    • When using SP5000 Series

    • When using EZ LAN Adapter with GP4000 Series models with a LAN port (excluding GP-410*)

    • To check which models support EZ LAN Adapter, refer to the following.
      1.5 Supported Features

  4. Using the same steps, specify the [Subnet Mask], [Port], and [Gateway].

    • The [Port] number specified here is used for set up via Ethernet, transfer of project files, and communication with Pro-Server EX. Do not change the initial value [8000].

  5. [Exit] saves the changes and restarts the display unit.

Using the Transfer Tool to set up IP address

Check and set up the IP address with the following procedure.

  1. Use the USB cable to connect the computer that has the Transfer Tool installed with the Display Unit.

  2. Turn ON the display unit.

  3. Start the Transfer Tool, click [Transfer Settings], then in the [Communication Port Settings] select [USB]. Click [OK] to close the dialog box.

  4. Click [Display Unit Information] and in the dialog box that pops up click [Display Unit].

  5. The display unit's [Ethernet Information] displays. Define the IP address and subnet mask. Click [OK] to transfer the Ethernet information. The display unit will restart.

    • When using models with multiple LAN ports, set up the LAN1 (Ethernet1 port) IP address.

  6. Click [Close] to close the [Display Unit Information] dialog box and exit the Transfer Tool.