M.5.3 Setting up GP-Viewer EX or Remote PC Access License

Set the license required to use the Remote PC Access and GP-Viewer EX functions.

  1. Go to Offline mode and touch [Main Unit] on the item changeover switch.

  2. [Main Unit Settings] screen opens. Touch [Extended Settings].

  3. [Extended Settings] screen opens. Touch the [Remote PC Access Key Code] input field and use the keypad to enter the key code. Touch [OK]. (Example, [Remote PC Access Key Code]1111-2222-3333)

  4. Touch [Exit] to save the changes and restart the display unit.

Using the Transfer Tool to set up GP-Viewer EX license

Setting up GP-Viewer EX or Remote PC Access License

  1. Use Ethernet or the USB cable to connect the Display Unit with the computer that has the Transfer Tool installed.

  2. Turn ON the display unit.

  3. Start the Transfer Tool, click [Transfer Settings], then in the [Communication Port Settings] select [USB] or [LAN]. Click [OK] to close the dialog box.

  4. Click [Display Unit Information] and in the dialog box that pops up click [Display Unit]. When connected via Ethernet, the [Select Display Unit] dialog box appears. Enter the IP address of the target display unit.

  5. Fill in the [GP-Viewer EX Key Code] field and click [OK] to transfer the Ethernet information. The display unit will restart.

    • If you enter with the key code field left blank, then the GP-Viewer EX license is removed.

  6. Click [Close] to close the [Display Unit Information] dialog box and exit the Transfer Tool.