6.1 Font Types

Stroke Font and Standard Font

Overview 6.2 Stroke Font and Standard Font

Steps 6.2.8 Procedure - Defining Stroke Font and Standard Font

These fonts are used normally.

The stroke font can be freely enlarged without the text appearing pixelated. The standard font displays even small sized characters well.

Stroke Font Text



"Chinese (Simplified)"


Image Font

Overview 6.3 Image Font

Steps 6.3.3 Procedure - Image Font

This font is used to draw with a Windows font and can appear pixelated when enlarged.





Bitmap Font

Overview 6.4 Bitmap Font

Steps 6.4.2 Procedure - Bitmap Font

You can select the text for the Data Display's numeric values and symbols from a variety of models (bitmap images).

[Numeric Display]

[Statistical Data Display]