42.3.1 Procedure - Searching/Replacing Parts Addresses, Labels, Comments, and Logic Instructions


  1. Click the [Search] tab in the work space.

    • If the [Search] window is not displayed, from the [View (V)] menu, point to [Work Space (W)] and select [Search (F)].

  2. The [Search] dialog box appears. Select the search target from [Search Type]. (For example, [Label/Text].)

  3. Enter the text you want to search for (for example, Agitator A).

    • To search for [Comment] or [Label/Text], the following search is also available.

    • For example 1, in the [Search for text] field enter [Alarm?]
      ->[AlarmA] comes up in the search but not [Alarm AB], which has different numbers of characters.

    • For example 2, in the [Search for text] field enter [Alarm*]
      ->Both [AlarmA] and [AlarmAB] come up in the search.

  4. Click [Search all]. The search results appear.

    • Click [Replace All] to replace the text of all parts in the search result as a block.


  1. Click [Replace].

  2. Type text you want to change in [Replace with text].

  3. Select the parts lines you want to replace in the search result and click [Replace].

    • Click [Next] to move to the next item selected in the search result.

    • If you want to replace a part of text being searched (such as just replacing the "C" in "ABC"), select the [Search for text] check box. When the check box is selected, the text entry column is displayed. Enter the text you want to replace.