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Cautions after setup

After you read the "Cautions after setup", please download from the following page.

'Repair' install function is not available when MES Action was installed by this add-on module.
DO NOT execute the following procedure.

  1. Point "Add/Remove Programs" or "Add or Remove Programs" from "Control Panel" and point "Change" of "MES Action".
  2. Click "Next" in the following dialog.
  3. The following dialog is displayed.DO NOT select "Repair" in the following dialog.

↓Download this file and install the add-on module.

MES Action Ver. 1.00.000
File Name English Japanese
MES100EN.exe MES100JP.exe
Size 303,086KB 315,310KB
Update Version MES Action Ver. 1.00.000 Add-on module
Original Version Pro-Server EX Ver. 1.20.000 or later
Update Description Click here to view these items