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Caution :

- Be sure to download the installer file.
After downloading, start installation using the file on the computer to be installed.
If a network drive is used, installation cannot be performed normally.

- This file is very large. Downloading over a slow connection will require a long time.
【Reference】 In the case of online speed 100Mbps
Download: About 60 to 90 minutes
Installation: About 10 minutes

If you have any questions about our product or wish to purchase a license, please contact the nearest office.
--> Pro-face America Distributors (Includes North and South America)
--> International Sales Offices

- This trial software does not allow transfer of the screen data which you have created to target machines (except GP4100 series).
- DVD-R/DVD-RW is needed to burn the installer file.
For further information (Limitations or Cautions) about GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.60.200 Limited Edition (Trial Version), please see Readme_E.txt.

GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.60.200 Download
File Name / File Size GPProEX_V360.200_PFA.exe: 1,317,939KB
File Description - GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.60.200
- Transfer Tool / Version Reverter
- WinGP
- Movie Converter
- GP-Viewer EX
- Camera-Viewer EX
- Data Copy Tool
- GP Remote Printer Server
- Fingerprint Recognition Setting Tool
- Fingerprint Recognition Unit Driver
- Pass Through
- Pro-face Converter

* For more information about each tool, please refer to follows.
Product Page "GP-Pro EX"
Readme Please see Readme_E.txt about new feature, limitations, and fixed defects.

Installation (These files are self-extracting.)
*Prior to installation, be sure to close all software applications that are running.
[Installation of GP-Pro EX Ver. 3.60.200 Limited Edition (Trial Version)]
1. Click the above file "GPProEX_V360.200_PFA.exe" to download the file to the desired folder.
2. Double-click the downloaded file "GPProEX_V360.200_PFA.exe".
3. The following screen will be displayed, click the checkbox of "Do not use Serial Number / Key Code (Limited Edition)", and then click "Next". (If you enter your serial / key code, the software will be fully functional.)

4. Follow the instructions given.

[Installation of Pro-face Converter]

To install Pro-face Converter, please follow the procedure below.
Failure to follow the procedure will lead to an installation failure and display the message, "Please insert CD of Pro EX Editor in the CD drive."

  1. Double-click the GPProEX_V360.200_PFA.exe file.
  2. Open the folder that is created after running the the EXE file.
  3. If ABS.Sys wasn't automatically placed in C:\ folder, then copy the file,
  4. ABS.sys, from the folder to the root folder (C:\).
  5. Double-click ProEX_Setup.exe to start the installer, and select Pro-face Converter.
  6. After installation, delete the ABS.sys file.

Please click here to upgrade GP-Pro EX Limited Edition to a functional version.

Posted: Dec. 5, 2014
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