PLC Connection Test Sample

Have you ever been in trouble to connect GP3000 Series and PLC with the bad communication?
You can download the PLC ladder file with communication set and the GP screen data from this sample. It enables you to test the connection easily by transferring them to GP or PLC. It is useful for finding the cause that GP and PLC cannot be communicated.

Communication Type
PROFIBUS International
- When you can not communicate between GP and PLC, there are some causes considered such as the communication settings, also "miswired cable, disconnected cable", "noise", and "abnormal hardware". When you still cannot communicate them even if you use this sample, please check the error code to solve the problem.
- Please refer to GP-Pro EX Device/PLC Connection Manual and Maintenance/Troubleshooting Manual for connection.
*1 PROFIBUS Unit (CA5-PFSALL/EX01) is required on GP.
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