- Parts Samples -
3D Real Calculator        
With this part, numerical calculation can be done like an alpha calculator on operator interface.    
Movable Keypad     Popup Keypad  
This sample allows you to move the keypad to the location touched on the screen.   You can call a popup keypad by touching the display when you need to enter data.
Numeric Keypad Feature     Pseudo Function Switch  
Input data with a user-created numeric keypad.   This sample program presents function switches imitatively, that are originally hard switches.
OK/Cancel Choice Window Screen     Data Display Confirmation Window
A confirmation pop-up menu window appears when switching the screens.   This sample pop-up window is used to confirm writing a value to a data display.
  Data Display Address Offset   Pop-Up Message Feature  
  This sample is for viewing multiple addresses on one data display. This feature displays a pop-up message when operating a switch or inputting data. The message confirms the input by touching the operation switch.
Relative Conversion of Value Input
  Numeric Converter  
This sample converts a value, inputted on the screen, relatively in the AGP with the logic function of the AGP3000 Series, and passes it to the device/PLC   This sample converts the input data from one data type to another data type (binary/octal/decimal/hexadecimal).
  Numeric Display with Unit     Operation Data Display  
  This sample program displays the numeric display in units.   This sample performs arithmetic operations and logical operations using the operation feature of the Data Display.
  Data Display Methods     Action Switch with Multi-Conditions  
  View the methods to set display numbers on a Data Display.   This sample lights a lamp depending on various logical operation results of a bit or a word.
Delay Timer Feature   Digital Switch  
This sample is a delay timer using the internal logic (the control function) of the AGP3000 Series. This is a digital switch corresponding to the decimal data type.
Tab Switch Feature     Off Delay Switch  
This is the feature to switch screens on a base screen by tab switches.   This sample program switches the labels during Off Delay.
  Show/Hide Switch Control   Visible Animation Feature  
  This sample program controls a bit switch showing another bit switch. This is the feature to control visible animation (visible/invisible).
  Common Switch     State Switch  
  You can turn on and off all the bits in one word by using a bit switch.   This sample program changes the state by 1, or it can be used to switch the image by touching the switch.
  Picture Display   Group Screen Change  
  This sample program shows or hides a figure that you have created on another screen according to the change of state of the specified bit address. This is the sample to memorize and call performances of screen change by a group with AGP3000 Series.
Stopwatch Screen   High Functional Switch/Lamp Feature  
This sample is a stopwatch to measure up to 60 minutes in 1/100 second. 3 modes of lap time, split time, and elapsed time can be displayed as well as commercial stopwatches. This feature materializes the multifunction feature, the delay action, address auto-add/subtract, and n state lamp by using the Switch/Lamp feature.
  Blinking after Specified Time   Countdown Timer  
  This sample program will start blinking after a specified time if the displayed data is not changed. This timer counts down the time (maximum 60 minutes) in 1/100 second.
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