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>PS5000 Series >BAT Tool (Workload for Enhanced Write Filter help menu issue) >Procedure

Workload for Enhanced Write Filter help menu issue

This batch file is released to disable EWFManagement.exe and FBWFManager.exe
Please implement this file to login as Administrator.
If the limitation of writing was set, you will not be able to implement.

  1. EWFManager setting
    At first, please set Write Filter to disable in EWFManager.

  2. Date & Clock setting
    Please set correct date and time in your system on Windows.

  3. Please move the folder “MS_EWFMgr_FBWFMgr Run_stop” on PS5000 Series desktop.

  4. Install (batch file)
    Please implement “Install.bat” in MS_EWFMgr_FBWFMgr Run_stop folder.
    And then, it will restart your system.

  5. Confirmation
    If you cannot see the help menu for EWF after it restarted your system, it succeeds.

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