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GP4000 Series

PFXGP4621TAD DXF (1,280KB) STEP (3,609KB) -
+ VM Unit
DXF (1,235KB) STEP (4,470KB) -
PFXGP4621TAA DXF (1,308KB) STEP (3,550KB) -
+ VM Unit
DXF (1,249KB) STEP (4,520KB) -
DXF (1,379KB) STEP (3,755KB) IGES (7,275KB)
DXF (1,479KB) STEP (3,875KB) IGES (7,531KB)
PFXGP4603TAD DXF (1,399KB) STEP (3,549KB) IGES (6,810KB)
PFXGP4521TAA DXF (1,269KB) STEP (2,711KB) -
+ VM Unit
DXF (953KB) STEP (3,460KB) -
DXF (1,284KB) STEP (3,490KB) IGES (6,564KB)
DXF (1,316KB) STEP (3,571KB) IGES (6,769KB)
PFXGP4501TADW DXF (1,395KB) STEP (3,519KB) IGES (6,735KB)
PFXGP4503TAD DXF (1,280KB) STEP (3,514KB) IGES (6,615KB)
PFXGP4401TAD DXF (1,126KB) STEP (9,802KB) IGES (9,084KB)
PFXGP4401WADW DXF (1,115KB) STEP (9,816KB) IGES (9,094KB)
DXF (810KB) STEP (2,693KB) IGES (5,326KB)
DXF (782KB) STEP (2,182KB) IGES (4,278KB)
PFXGP4303TAD DXF (804KB) STEP (2,514KB) IGES (4,909KB)
PFXGP4201TAD DXF (891KB) STEP (3,366KB) IGES (2,748KB)
PFXGP4201TADW DXF (966KB) STEP (3,175KB) IGES (2,609KB)
PFXGP4203TAD DXF (1,037KB) STEP (2,766KB) IGES (5,341KB)

Last Updated: Feb. 9, 2018

3D CAD file (STEP, IGES)
- To reduce file size, some parts have been simplified.

This 3D data is intended for design consideration. Data not required for this purpose has been omitted.

2D CAD file (DXF)
- As a DXF, this file is an unstable file. Reading data might be imperfect depending on which CAD software you use.
- The downloaded file is a self-decompressing file. Double-click on it, and the DXF file will be unfolded.
- Digital has confirmed that its possible to read the DXF file above via the CAD software below.

Company name   Auto Desk
CAD software name   AutoCAD LT 2000i

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