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What is ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2007 and how does it affect UL1604?

December, 27, 2009

We received a letter from UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) on January, 29, 2007. (See the attached file below).

UL1604 v.s. ISA 12.12.01 .doc

For Hazardous Locations testing, UL recommended that the newer ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2007 standard be used, then the Hazardous Locations certifications statement in our documentation be changed from UL1604 to ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2007.

  • <Old Statement for Hazardous Locations> UL1604
  • <New Statement for Hazardous Locations> ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2007

UL also stated that all Hazardous Locations products must use ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2007 by July 31, 2012.

Based on future UL requirements, Pro-face has tested to ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2007 for new products, which were launched in 2007, first quarter or later.

Summarized as follows:

  • UL1604 will be discontinued by July 31, 2012.
  • ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2007 is the new standard listed to show Hazardous Locations certification.
  • These requirements were officially announced and will be implemented by UL.

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