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Product Information - Pro-face Connect

Pro-face Connect Diagram

Pro-face Connect is structured to safely connect display units on the work site (SiteManager), with computers or smart devices in the office (LinkManager), over a server (GateManager).

  • GateManager:

    Server for creating a safe encrypted connection between display units on the work site (SiteManager) and personal computers or smart devices in the office (LinkManager). You can use GateManager to check the network connection status of SiteManager and LinkManager. The GateManager Administrator registers the SiteManager and LinkManager and allows access to the network.

  • SiteManager:

    Display unit having SiteManager Embedded running is called SiteManager. Setup for accessing the network is handled from the software; SiteManager Embedded.

  • LinkManager:

    Software installed on the computers. It allows remote access to SiteManager and/or devices represented by agents on the SiteManager. Setup for accessing the network is handled by GateManager. For the purpose of remote monitoring and operation, you can use data collection and remote monitoring software as the LinkManager. Different configurations are possible depending on the package you purchase. Refer to the license that comes with each package.

This 30-day free trial package contains 1 LinkManager, 1 SiteManager and access to your personal GateManager environment in the Pro-face Connect cloud.

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This 30-day trial package will expire 30 days after the initiation date. If you wish to extend your subscription, you may purchase one of several packages to support your needs. Available packages are listed here. Please contact one of our authorized distributors for pricing and to place your order.

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A purchased package will be automatically terminated at the end of its one (1) year term unless a new purchase order is placed for renewal of the subscription prior to the termination date. The end user will be notified on or about thirty (30) days prior to the end of the subscription term. No refunds are allowed once the 1 year subscription service has been initiated. The initiation date of service will execute on the day the licenses are emailed. Termination of service includes all functions, services, and accrued benefits and licenses related to Pro-face Connect.

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