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 How to recover a corrupted GP or PanelStation (QuickPanel) using a CF card.
If your GP2000 or PanelStation (QuickPanel) has locked up or become corrupted, or if you simply need to transfer a project, follow these steps to transfer a project using a CF Card.
1.) Using GP-Pro PB/III C-Package 03 software, create a bootable CF Card. See Bootable CF Card Creation for instructions.
2.) If you don't have GP-Pro software, request a Pro-face Tech Support Agent create a GP-Pro backup test application to match your hardware's make and model. They can email the files needed for you to copy to your CF Card.
3.) Copy the 7 files/folders into the root directory of your CF card
4.) Turn off the GP (QuickPanel) and place the CF card into the GP and turn on DIP switch number 1. *Make sure to close the CF Card Hatch after inserting the CF card!*
5.) Turn on the GP and select "Download" [this option downloads from the CF card to the GP, there should be a graphic indicating this]. If you are prompted for a password, the Default Password is "1101"
6.) When the download is finished, touch the "Return" button, then power down the GP. Eject the CF card, turn off dip switch 1, close the cover, and turn the unit back on.
7.) Once the transfer is complete you will have a GP (QuickPanel) that has been restored with a GP-Pro project.
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