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 How to recover a corrupted GP or PanelStation (QuickPanel) using the PC Transfer Tool.
If your GP2000 or PanelStation (QuickPanel) has locked up or become corrupted, or if you simply need to transfer a project, follow these steps to transfer a project using the PC Transfer Tool. This procedure requires that you have a serial download cable (GPW-CB02 or GPW-CB03) or an ethernet network (for ethernet capable units).
1.) Download and install the free Pro-face PC Transfer Tool
2.) Request a Pro-face Tech Support Agent create a GP-Pro backup test application to match your hardware's make and model. Instructions.
3.) Once you have the backup [particularly the .mem file] open the PC Transfer tool located on your hard drive: "C:\Program Files\Pro-face\GPmnt\GPmnt.exe"
4.) From the "Action menu", select "Restore"
5.) Select your .mem file and click OK
6.) Click "Execute" to begin the transfer.
      a) If you are using the GPW-CB02 download cable, the com port should already be selected for your cable and the transfer will commence.
      b) If you are using the GPW-CB03 USB download cable, you may need to check Device Manager to see which COM port Windows has assigned to your download cable. Select this port in the Transfer Settings and the transfer will commence.
      c) If you are transferring using ethernet, select the IP address of your GP in the transfer settings window.
7.) Once the transfer is complete you will have a GP that has been restored with a GP-Pro project.
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